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Labels, Labels and More Labels

Christopher Von Holt
June 17, 2011 | Christopher Von Holt

Labels, Labels and More Labels

Pam and I hope you enjoy the attached article on wine labels. We loved its combination of honesty and humor. When Pam and I started Von Holt Wines in 2008 there were immediate decisions to be made regarding what's inside the bottle such as what fruit to purchase and what barrels to use. The easy answers were top quality Sonoma Coast Syrah fruit and French oak. There were more difficult decisions regarding what's outside the bottle such as labels and capsules. We stood in numerous wine stores, grocery stores, and wine bars; and looked at countless bottles. We realized that we hated about 95% of all wine labels - even labels on some really good bottles of wine. We knew what we didn't want on our label - dance shoes and handcuffs. Many labels try to represent the owners, but we didn't want a cliche of dance shoes for Pam and handcuffs for me. We also didn't want a cute label of drunk monkeys. How drunk monkeys came to represent all the ridiculous labels out there, I don't know. What we did want is something quiet, classy, and representative of a fine bottle of wine. We hired a graphic artist who specializes in wine labels and she ran us through a couple of dozen major designs each with various reiterations. The result was what we had in mind all along - the family name artistically produced, the requisite information about the wine, and the VH swirl in the fog - representing the Cool Climate Character of our wines. We hope you like our label, and of course love our wine. Enjoy the article - hopefully with a glass of Von Holt Wine!



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